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Non-Invasive Glucometer

A non-invasive glucometer is a revolutionary device that eliminates the need for traditional fingerstick methods to measure blood glucose levels. Unlike conventional glucometers that require a small blood sample obtained through skin pricking, this innovative device utilizes photometry methods. By analyzing glucose levels through non-intrusive means, it offers a more comfortable and pain-free alternative for individuals managing diabetes. The non-invasive glucometer gained attention and recognition after being featured on Shark Tank India Season-1, showcasing its potential to transform the way people monitor their blood sugar levels.


Stitching Queue Monitoring System

The Stitching Queue Monitoring System is an advanced solution that provides real-time insights into stitching production. Through sensors and data integration, it monitors production speed, stock levels, and overall efficiency. The system's centralized dashboard offers a user-friendly interface for quick decision-making. It is a valuable tool for optimizing workflows and minimizing downtime in the stitching process. Featured metrics empower managers to enhance productivity and maintain optimal stock levels.

Stitching Queue Monitoring.jpeg

Smart Outdoor Home Lighting

Smart Outdoor Home Lighting is a compact and robust system designed for automated control of outdoor lights. This intelligent system seamlessly switches lights on and off based on ambient light conditions, ensuring illumination during the night and conserving energy during the day. Operating independently of occupants inside the house, it enhances security and convenience by automatically activating lights in the evening and turning them off in the morning. With its user-friendly design and efficient light-sensing technology, this system provides a hassle-free solution for smart and energy-efficient outdoor lighting.

smart light

AgriSwitch Pro: Wireless Pump Control Device for Precision Irrigation

The AgriSwitch Pro Device is a wireless solution designed for efficient control of agricultural pumps. This compact device enables seamless on and off control of pump motors, optimizing irrigation processes. With wireless connectivity, users can remotely manage pump operations, enhancing convenience and flexibility. The device integrates smart technology to schedule pump cycles, ensuring optimal water usage for agricultural needs. Its compact design and wireless capabilities make it an easy-to-install and user-friendly solution, empowering farmers with efficient and remote control over their irrigation systems.

AgriSwitch Pro.jpg

SolarSense Tracker: MPPT Solar Tracking System with Image Processing

The SolarSense Tracker is an innovative MPPT Solar Tracking System utilizing Image Processing technology. It dynamically adjusts solar panels to maximize energy capture by precisely following the sun's position throughout the day. This smart system optimizes solar energy efficiency, enhancing overall power generation from photovoltaic installations.


DriveGuard Pro: Data Acquisition and Drive Assist System for ATV Vehicles

DriveGuard Pro is an advanced system tailored for ATV vehicles, combining data acquisition and drive assist capabilities. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with all-terrain vehicles, offering real-time data collection on performance metrics. Additionally, it provides a sophisticated drive assist feature, enhancing rider safety and control. The system's comprehensive data acquisition facilitates performance analysis, while the drive assist function ensures a safer and more controlled off-road experience for ATV enthusiasts. DriveGuard Pro brings a new level of intelligence to ATV adventures, combining cutting-edge technology with enhanced safety features.


Integrated Electrical Systems for GoKart

The Integrated Electrical Systems for GoKart provide a seamless and user-friendly experience. Featuring an electric start for hassle-free ignition, an emergency kill switch ensures immediate shutdown when needed. The instrument cluster offers real-time data, while the data acquisition system captures key performance metrics. A reliable light system enhances visibility, and a robust power system ensures consistent and efficient energy supply. This comprehensive electrical integration enhances the overall functionality and safety of GoKarts for a more enjoyable and secure ride.

Falcon GoKart


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